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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is important in today’s world for online business. They transform the way we do business. It is easy for customers to get business details using mobile apps faster and stay connected simultaneously and be updated with their favourite brands and offers. Mobile apps are very essential to expand your business while delivering massive exposure to the brand.

Types of Mobile Apps

Native Apps

Hybrid Apps

Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Mobile App Development Platforms

Android App Development

Android OS is the largest installed among various mobile platforms across the world. Android apps can be written using Java, Kotlin, and C++ languages using Android SDK (Software Development Kit). It is a powerful open-source operation that offers immense features. Open source, location tracking using GPS, Augmented and Virtual Reality Support, Connectivity – GSM, CMA, Wifi, Bluetooth, and media supports AVI, MKV, and MPEG4 are some of the features of Android.

Our Android App development services comprise of conceptualization, design,development, deployment and maintenance of apps targeting the Android OS. We create innovative, robust, scalable, customizable and secure Android apps that assist you to maximize your business potential and deliver a seamles experience to your customers. We use Android SDK & Android NDK as the toolsfor our development and Android studio and Eclipse as the environment for development of these mobile apps.

iOS App Development

It is the process of making mobile apps for Apple hardware, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. iOS App developers can use two programming languages like Objective-C and Swift to build these apps.

Our iOS App development services include analysis, UX/UI design, development, implementation, QA, deployment and maintenance of apps targeting iOS platforms. We create apps that can lead your company towards healthy finances with higher revenue and increased ROI which are ideal for taking your business to its next level of success. We use Swift/Objective C as the tools for our development and Xcode as the environment for development of these mobile apps.

Why choose us?

We have a team of highly skilled experienced professionals helping to create impactful, peerless and cost-effective Mobile Apps quickly which transforms your
business by

Enhancing your connectivity with Customers

  • Providing Competitive Edge over your competitors
  • Modernizing your business
  • Improving Customer service and support
  • Increasing your customer reach
  • Building a stronger Brand
  • Increasing Customer Engagement
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Increase sell-through

Mobile App Development process might seem involved and overwhelming. There are difficult decision to be made and involves many steps but this process can be quite lucrative and an extremely rewarding process. If you are eager to develop a mobile app that transforms your business, contact WiseTech Source, the leading Mobile App Development company.