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Robotic Process Development (RPA) 

We are specialized in providing RPA solutions to various industries with our best-in-class enhancement platform and expertise. WiseTech Source is the approved Automation Solution, Distribution & Trading partner of AAI   and offers RPA solutions to the IT industry. Our goal is to reduce the hiring cost of skilled Professionals and Project Management. We boost your business opportunities with our unique automation solutions.

Automation Centre of Excellence: 

Our Centre of excellence (COE) team provides wide automation solutions to enhance the efficiency,
productivity, and competitive advantages of enterprises.

Automation benefits: 
  • AI sense of Automation
  • Enterprise security
  • Operational scalability
  • Intelligent Digital Worldforce
Areas of Expertise & Solutions: 
  • Healthcare documents
  • Extraction
  • Remote Data Extraction
  • Automation Process
  • Invoice Data Extraction
  • Form Processing
  • PDF Processing

RPA services we offer

RPA Training: 

  • Set your basics: It offers work-ready training to enhance real-time business operations and processes. You will learn about the RPA basic skills like designing blueprints, problem-solving, process automation, and identifying business processes.
  • Real-case training: We offer a better chance for trainees to get 100% practical-oriented training. During this RPA training, learners get an opportunity to work on real-time use cases to understand RPA concepts, usability, and application on different RPA tools like Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blue prism.

RPA Automation

  • Automation Consultation:

    Our consultants help you to design, develop, test, and implement process automation using RPA software. They analyze your business needs and help you to automate manual tasks faster and more accurately.

  • Automation Services:

    We provide RPA solutions for automating repetitive, mundane and labor-intensive tasks. We offer industry best  solutions that provide agility in their business process transformations.

Manpower resources

  • Contract Resources 
  • Trained Resources

RPA Certification & Licensing

RPA Certification Provider:  We have partnered with Automation AnyWhere to provide RPA certification which helps you advance your career in RPA solutions across industries. It strengthens your professional standing and enhances your job efficiency and satisfaction

RPA Tool License Provider: We are authorized to provide RPA tool licenses for Automation AnyWhere.It is an approach that brings a consistent and robust end-to-end automation platform. It allows companies to choose optimized licenses to scale their RPA operations while achieving significant growth and rapid ROI.

Our RPA solutions:

  • Data Extraction from Citrix/ Remote Environment
  • Complex Calculative Report Generation
  • Remote Document Downloads Processing
  • Image Reading & Analysis using own OCR tool
  • Document Extraction/Creation/Merging etc…
  • Document Classifications & Organizing
  • Invoice/Document Generation
  • Automation on the legacy application
  • Customer Feedback/Evaluations
  • Data verification from remote websites
  • Effective communication/notifications to the users
  • Document Filling
  • Web Scraping

Tools we use

We have rich experience & expertise in the automation tools and use them

extensively for RPA development. We use

Why choose Us?

We have experience in the Healthcare domain and have developed bots for both Providers and Payor platforms. We enhance business operations and reduce the cost to help them to reach their goals. We support domestic companies through workforce and consultancy projects along with research and development projects by providing automation solutions. We make software development professionals with modern tech stacks.

We use Intelligent Robotics Processing Automation(RPA) which is one of the most powerful tools to address the toughest challenges in reforming healthcare today. It can access, read, understand, collate, analyze and structure multi-channel data from internal and external sources. Software robots(bots) deliver speed, accuracy, monitoring capability and operate 24/7, 365 days  if required.